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Smart Building

10th of Ramadan City

Two Floors

Infra-structure Electric System: ABB Electric Distribution Panel different sizes.

Sewedy cabling low & high voltage cables, lighting system, electric outlets with different loads ATS from ABB, earthing Systems and electric Controllers.

·         Centralized Cooling System.

·         Fire Alarm & Fighting Thorn (4x60kg FM200, Addressable system).

·         Surveillance system: Access Control and IP camera.

·         IT Infra structure cabling system: UTP cat6, Fiber cable 8 core multi & Single-mode, 8 Rack's termination and organization.

·         Building Management System to monitor, Alarm and control all the devices and systems in the servers farm and four Floors through LAN&WAN.

Networking Solution

LAN Switches infra structure 3Com & ProCurve core switches, distribution switches & Edge Switches in 8 factories and admin buildings through Fiber Link and multiple 2M Internet connection to the Server's Room in 10th of Ramadan city.

Wi-Max Red Line wireless solution